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8 cohorts, 40 mentors, 50 partners, 80 companies, 170 members, 1000 new jobs, 2000 students, 30,000 cups of coffee.


A new model for small and mid-sized communities Mission

We believe that every community deserves a place where people can connect with others, share ideas, find support, and learn new skills. Where these places exist, people create opportunities and local economies thrive. Our mission is to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration in mid-size and rural communities through educational and community building programs to support inclusive entrepreneurship and technology development.

Today, is a coworking space, a makerspace, a code school, a startup accelerator, a prototyping lab, a mentorship network, an organizer of events, and think tank. It’s also a support resource for organizations in communities across the nation that are working to grow their local innovation economy.

Innovation economies thrive when everyone has the resources and opportunities to meet their potential. To make this possible, our offerings are as diverse as our community. inspires ideas, creates companies, and builds community. Founded in 2012, is a division of Hack Augusta, inc., non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to growing a culture of innovation and collaboration. We have 170 members and have helped grow 80 companies that create over 1000 jobs. Our events and programs serve over 25,000 people and our classes help thousands learn new skills in technology, business, and design so they can thrive in an innovation economy. 


“Those who walk through the doors of move from average to amazing in a single step”

New Augustan  |  Summer 2019


Entrepreneur Support

Entrepreneurship is a vital part of America’s promise, a central means of securing our unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We strive to support that promise today and to endow future generations with the freedom to make, create, and build the world along four guiding principles


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Code Bootcamp

A technology workforce is essential to growing local economies. Code Bootcamp, provides an effective model to rapidly train a workforce to meet the needs of growing rural and mid-size cities. This program was developed in partnership with the Technical College System of Georgia, Worksource Georgia, the Georgia Department of Economic Development, and over 20 industry partners the past four years. Our model can be used nationwide and keeps tuition costs highly affordable. The majority of students accepted are able to access federal financial aid so that there is no cost to the participant or your organization.


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