Privacy policy

We strive to be clear about the information we collect about you, how it is used, and who has access to it. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, you may contact us at


When visiting our website

We use cookies that track your i.p. address, time of visit, how you got to our website, and the pages you visited. We also are able to determine information about the device you use to access our site such as, your device type, operating system, browser version, and screen resolution.

We use this information to understand how people find our website and better design the look, feel, and navigation of our web experience to share the information with you that we think is most important.

Access to this information is limited to our internal web development and communications team and will not be sold or otherwise made available to 3rd parties.


When signing up for our mailing lists is a division of Hack Augusta. Our divisions and mailing lists include, Hack Augusta,, Make Startups, TEDxAugusta, Southern Dev Conference, and multiple other events and programs. By signing up through any one of these, your name and email address may also be shared internally between all of these.

There are several ways in which you may be added to one of our mailing lists; directly signing up on our web form, signing in at one of our physical locations or events, or asking a team member to add your contact information.

Access to this information is limited to our communications team and will not be sold or otherwise made available to 3rd parties.


Member, Donor, and other customer Accounts

When you create a member, donor, or other customer account, we get access to your name and contact information provided. Your password, credit card, or other sensitive information is stored by 3rd party payment processors (Stripe, see Stripe’s Privacy Policy) and/or software providers (Cobot, see Cobot’s Privacy Policy) and is not made available to us. Our access is limited to being able to make charges and give refunds.


Other Information we may collect

We log all visits in our space and at events. Internally we use this information to do our job better, specifically we monitor member engagement to help us better understand what things lead to particular outcomes for members. We also strip out personal information to provide aggregate reports on overall community engagement to our donors.

We periodically conduct surveys of the community, event registrations, or other methods of data collection. Should data usage vary from our standard policy, it will include an independent privacy policy detailing how the information from that particular survey, registration form, etc… may be used.

We perform regular performance assessments for students in our educational programs. The results of any assessment we have conducted will be made available to the person assessed upon request. Additionally, these assessments may be made available to 3rd party industry and program partners.