Everyone grows through learning

In this day, virtually all human knowledge is available for free on the internet. In this world, what is the role of education? Education should focus on teaching processes to find and use that information, and providing a support mechanism through the struggles of learning.

theClubhou.se education model is designed to help you navigate online and develop your own personal accountability for your success.

Our paths

For a focused 12-16 week deep dive into a bootcamp in coding or entrepreneurship.

For those wanting community, or to learn at their own pace, membership at theClubhou.se gets access to regular club meetings and study halls in specific focus areas of technology, business, and design.

Boot Camps:

Learn Web Development

Code Boot Camp will teach you modern web languages, user experience design, and project management concepts to build web applications for yourself or to get a job in 12 weeks.

Learn Entrepreneurship

Learn Entrepreneurship

Startup Life helps you identify market opportunities, understand user experience design, manage finances, and build a team in 12 weeks, and pairs you with a personal coach for 6 months while you launch your business.

Self Direction:

Join theClubhou.se

Join theClubhou.se as a member and be surrounded by the best and brightest minds in our community. Cowork in our collaborative workspace , develop technology and products in our maker lab, and share knowledge and experiences in one of our clubs.